Press to impress…

What’s that you say? You want to help your flowers last forever? Well I might have just the thing… 

Pressing flowers is an age-old pursuit, as traditional as fish and chips or strawberries and cream. There really are so many things you can make with your pressed flowers. Greetings cards, bookmarks, phone cases or framed displays… you can let your imagination run wild! 

As the world has gone craft-mad, I thought I’d bring you my very own Flower Press Kit. Exclusive for Freddie’s Flowers customers, it comes complete with everything you need to make perfectly pressed stems. 

Get my Flower Press Kit

The kit comes with a traditional wooden flower press, which is super easy to use. The press screws open and closed; it is easy to change and you can press several layers of flowers at any one time so you’ll never run short! 

The press is big enough to press lots of flowers in one go — so you really will be able to get crafting. 

My kit also has sheets of blotting paper, to position your flowers between for pressing. The paper will absorb excess moisture, helping preserve the flowers and ensuring they last forever once pressed. 

See what’s in the kit

Simply unscrew the press and arrange your smaller flowers on sheets of blotting paper. Then, layer these sheets in the press inself, before tightly screwing it closed. You’ll need to leave your flowers to press for 3-6 weeks or so (some stems may take longer!) but you can check on them as you go. 

After 3 weeks, open the press and carefully remove your pressed, dried flowers. Be gentle — they will be fragile!

You can repeat the process as many times as you like, refreshing your dried flower displays to match the seasons. 

See our flower frames 

My flower press kit is available on its own, or with a set of 3 frames that you can use to show off all your pressings. Easy to use and easy to clean, these frames will help turn your home into your very own flower art gallery. 

Keep your walls seasonally decorated with every-changing displays of pressed flowers — and you’ve done it all yourself! What could be better than that?!

Get a kit and frames 

When it comes to pressings, smaller flowers tend to work better, but why not experiment with the stems in your Freddie’s Flowers box? (We’d avoid roses and lilies, mind you. They’re just so big!)

Not a Freddie’s Flowers customer? Start regular deliveries of mood-boosting fresh flowers and get access to all our wonderful floral bits and bobs via your online account. 

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