Don’t make a floral faux pas…

I Love You, Hello, Thank You… flowers can say it all. But, when you’re giving somebody flowers you want to make sure you’re not unwittingly saying something you don’t mean. Here’s my handy guide to flowers and their hidden meanings. 

The best way to avoid a floral faux pas is to send boxes of flowers that contain lots of different stems! My arrangements always contain something a bit different, and a whole host of positive symbolic meanings. They never fail to delight. 

So, join the Freddie’s Flowers gang to receive regular deliveries, as well as sending others some special flowery messages. 

Red Roses 

Probably the most famous floral symbol is the red rose. A timeless icon of love and passion, it is famous for being given on St. Valentine’s Day. If you’re giving red roses, you’re expressing love.


The Peruvian Lily (as it is otherwise known) is a time-honoured symbol of friendship. Well, you can see why; this is a flower that radiates warmth and easy appeal. You’re on safe ground when giving someone an alstro. 

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Give someone stocks and you’re really giving someone a little dash of happiness. This fragrant flower represents joy and will be gratefully received by all. They’re super seasonal and are only around in the summer months, but they’re always appreciated. 


The fleur-de-lis — that national symbol of France — has a deep symbolic meaning. Give this flower to represent faith, hope and wisdom. Personally, I think that’s a bloomin’ brilliant collection of things to have as your national flower! 

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Peonies and weddings go together like… love and marriage. So, it is no surprise that they represent prosperity. This delightful favourite of mine is only around for a few weeks a year… so get your glad rags ready and prepare to see them in many a wedding bouquet! 

Pink Lilies 

If you want to send someone a token of wealth, prosperity and ambition… send them pink lilies! Whilst the white variety might have a more sombre symbolism, a lovely pink lily will represent good fortune, financial gain and bounteousness. A nice thing to recieve, I’m sure! 

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Now, that’s a lot to get your head around. Well, we’ve got the perfect way to make sure you never make a floral faux pas. Our boxes of flowers always contain a variety of stems in interesting combinations, so you’ll always send someone a some good messages, whatever is in the arrangement. 

Join Freddie’s Flowers for the best flowers, and so much more!

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  1. I love to see my ‘Freddie’ flower box outside my door just waiting for me to unpack the goods, a treat, delighted with the contents. Flowers do make my day—-

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