Floral Trends for Spring

A house without flowers is so last season… make the most of spring with all the fabulous florals you can get hold of, including boxes of Freddie’s Flowers! 

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, I wanted to take you through some of the floral trends for Spring 2021. Forget Paris and New York, the only trends you need to watch are right here in Blighty. 

So, take a front row seat, sip your champagne and let’s see what’s coming down the floral catwalk. 

Debut Flowers 

I absolutely love giving a stem it’s debut in a Freddie’s Flowers arrangement. And this is no exception. 

For the first time, we’re currently showcasing delphinium. Crisp in colour (we’ve gone for incredible indigo) and striking in shape, these beauties will certainly be the star of any arrangement, looking both wild and refined at the same time. 

Delphiniums get their name from their dolphin-like heads, which tells you all you need to know about these amazing and unique flowers. I’ve included delphiniums in some of our current arrangements, and I predict great things for this flower. One to watch…

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Garden Party Season

The weather’s looking good, and you’re allowed 6 people in your garden… so we’re christening this spring as Garden Party Season. As far as we’re concerned, you wouldn’t want to be inside anyway… 

If there’s one thing every soirée needs, it is a little bit of floral magic. Why not pop posies of Freddie’s Flowers around your outdoor dining table, to give your dinner party a little flowery boost? 

Our Bud and Bulb vases are the perfect table decoration and can be found via the Freddie’s Shop. Simply cut older stems right down, pop them in our mini vases and make your Garden Party a floral festival. 

See our full range of vases

Seasonal Stems 

Some things never go out of fashion, like many of our favourite seasonal stems. In fact, they only come round once a year, making them extra special. 

You’ll have enjoyed the recent tulip season, and we’re now loving our alliums. UK-grown stocks are a seasonal favourite that will fill your home with their delightful scent. And, heading into summer, we’re already excited about gladioli and glamini.

However, the star of every Spring/Summer season has to be the fantastic peony. It is elegant, timeless and classically beautiful — the Audrey Hepburn of flowers, if you will. 

Peony season is just around the corner and we’re certainly going to feature them in our boxes.. Keep your eyes peeled for more. 

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Victoriana Chic

Many lifestyle trends dabble with a bit of antiquity (Dark Academia, anyone? Bardcore?) but none is more floral than the recent trend for all things Victorian. 

Whilst we’re happy to leave 19th Century sanitation, dental care and politics firmly in the past, the last year has meant that a lot of traditional crafts are making a comeback. 

From needlework to decoupage, people are loving their homespun pursuits. And the world of flowers isn’t immune from this trend at all. 

Pressing flowers is a brilliant and traditional way to preserve your stems forever. Your pressings can be used to make cards, collages and displays… and even some rather un-Victorian phone cases. Our Flower Press Kit is the ideal way to start pressing flowers, and can be found here. 

Look out for my blog next week; a deep-dive on all things Victorian and flowers… 

Take a look at our Flower Press Kit…

There you have it, the top floral trends for Spring/Summer 2021. Of course, the biggest spring trend of all is filling your home with fabulous fresh flowers. If you’re not a member, you can join Freddie’s Flowers here to make sure you’re never out of flowery style…

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