Find the perfect secateurs…

We’ve all been there. Your flowers arrive and you can’t wait to get them into the vase. Only, your kitchen scissors are having a tough time snipping through the stems. In fact, they’re making a right mess of it…

Did you know that clean-cut stems last even longer? The stems are less likely to fray in the vase, which keeps the water cleaner and the flowers happier.

We always recommend using a sharp, clean pair of secateurs or floral scissors to trim your stems every few days. In fact, we’ve even got a couple of our own sets that are perfect for the job.

Classic Secateurs, available via the Freddie’s Shop

Our classic Freddie’s Secateurs are a great, tactile and durable pair of snips – ideal for all kinds of flower arranging. The handles are comfortable and ergonomic, the blades strong enough to use in the home or the garden… they’re the perfect all-rounder!

Higurashi Floral Scissors for precision cutting

Alternatively, the Higurashi Floral Scissors are a precise cutting tool that will take your flower arranging to the next level. These Japanese hand-crafted blades are ideal for precision and fine-tuned arranging. They also pack a punch in terms of strength – use them inside or outside.

As with vases, secateur care is really important. Last week’s stems were lovely, but this week’s flowers don’t want to know about them! Clean the blades between uses and keep sharp.

Visit the Freddie’s Shop for all your floral bits & bobs

Head to our Freddie’s Shop for all our snips and more, including vases, flower press kits and craft tools. All shop products will be sent with your next regular delivery of flowers.


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