Introducing… Tag Rugby Trust

Everyone loves a good kickabout. But did you know that sport can actually change the world? 

Tag Rugby Trust works around the world to create social change through sport. Their mission is simple: to achieve improvements in education and employment through engagement with rugby. For fourteen years — across 9 countries — Tag Rugby Trust has been bringing young people together, connecting communities, promoting inclusion and inspiring leaders of the future. 

Involvement with organised sport is just a starting point, enabling young people to then engage with other community programmes the trust runs… all whilst learning to play Rugby!

Programmes the Trust runs in Zimbabwe include:

  • Female Empowerment programme – helping Women and Girls access education & healthcare
  • Street Child programme – engaging young people with community sport
  • Community Food Production programme – promoting community farming

All of these programmes benefit local communities – with similar initiatives run across eight other countries. 

We’re a family at Freddie’s and we love anything involving a team. We liked the sound of these Zimbabwe-based programmes and, when we heard Tag Rugby Trust needed plenty of sports kit, we realised we had something to offer… 

Every week our delivery riders drop off your flowers and – in certain areas – bring your old boxes back. What if these empty boxes were full of sports clothing and equipment? 

So we’re giving it a go. If you’re in one of the corresponding areas you can fill your box with good quality, good condition sports clothing and functional phones/tablets (with charger taped on). Leave them out ahead of the next delivery and we’ll take them away, ready to help Tag Rugby Trust. 

Find Out More

If we don’t collect boxes in your area, you can still send us your sports kit. Check the link below to see how you can do this and support Tag Rugby Trust’s efforts in Zimbabwe. 

You can send your sports kit until June 18th – please do get donating and help us support the wonderful work that Tag Rugby Trust does! 

To check how YOU can support, click here 


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