How to clean your vase

Believe it or not, vase care is really important for keeping your flowers in tip-top condition. There’s a lot to consider when cleaning your vase, so I thought I’d share some of my golden rules.

  1. No debris – Last week’s flowers were lovely, but this week’s don’t want to know about them! Make sure you’ve got rid of any leaves or stems that might have snuck into your vase. This is particularly important if you’re using a ceramic vase and you can’t see inside! 
  2. Use water – This might seem really obvious, but tap water is the best thing to use for cleaning your vase. Not only will it not pollute things further, but it’ll also help swill out any nasties. 
  3. Avoid washing up liquid – Perhaps my golden rule. Washing up liquid will leave a residue in your vase, meaning your flowers will sit in soapy water. They won’t thank you for this! 
  4. Disinfect with lemon juice or vinegar – Natural acids like lemon or vinegar are a great way to clean your vase and won’t upset your flowers. Dilute well with water, and use a little to clean your vase… and you’re away! (Be careful you don’t put lemon juice directly onto stems, as this will burn them). 
  5. Bleach is good – It might sound unusual, but a little bleach will actually keep the flowers happy. Use a small amount to clean your vase. 
  6. Elbow grease never fails – use a sponge or damp cloth to give the inside (and outside) of your vase a good scrub. Avoid scourers or anything too rough, especially with ceramic vases that might scratch. 
  7. Sparkle and shine – After you’ve washed the vase, give it a good dry with a tea towel. Then, with a dry cloth, gently buff your vase to stop watermarks. 

There you have it, my top tips for vase care. If you only follow ONE of these handy tips, I would say follow this one: no washing up liquid! Honestly, the difference you’ll see will be huge. 

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