Freddie’s & Tag Rugby Trust – Community Food Programme

We’re back with another update from our collaboration with Tag Rugby Trust, bringing you news of the latest project that Freddie’s Flowers has been supporting. 

The suburbs of Zimbabwe’s cities are densely populated; this is where the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been most keenly felt. Early in the pandemic, Tag Rugby Trust was able to use its operations to get food and supplies to the families it supports. When asked what would be most useful, they heard one thing loud and clear: a secure and sustainable food source. 

This is where chickens come in, of course! Tag Rugby Trust – with the support of Freddie’s Flowers – decided that it could provide communities with chicks, as well as the necessary training and support to turn them into broilers… and help people establish businesses. 

In addition, each participating community will get a $500 Freddie’s Flowers Grant, to help cover the upfront costs of setting up a chicken farming business. The hope is that in the future the programme will expand to cover rabbit, crop and insect protein farming too. 

The benefits of the project are huge. Not only does it help foster the skills required to rear and care for the chicks themselves, but it also develops marketing, business and finance experience. One condition of the project is that 50% of profits must be reinvested in the community, reinforcing the security of food production and distribution. 

The TRT Rugby clubs that are participating in the first wave of the project are based in Harare and Bulawayo. The clubs are being supported by Blantina Mustango from National Foods, coaching them through the process and helping them avoid many pitfalls! 

These first chicken-rearing projects are getting underway. It takes 8 weeks to rear a broiler chicken, so we can expect updates soon! 

We’re immensely proud to be involved with this project – as flower-lovers we know the value of sustainable and secure farming and the benefits it can bring to a community. It is really wonderful to see that our involvement – with your kind support – is already having an impact. We’ll be counting down the days until we can bring further updates on the chickens! 


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