Where you should put your flowers in your house?

Whether you reside in a spacious palace, bed down in a box room or float happily on a barge boat, wherever you live there’s a Freddie’s Flowers subscription to suit.

But where in your house should you place them? How do you best display your flowers that shows them off, and gives them the spotlight that they deserve but that, crucially, is also a happy place for them to thrive?

Should you put them in a window? So everyone walking past can admire them? Or on a little side table? Where do flowers love to be? Our mini size is ideal for a smaller table, perhaps your hallway so you’re greeted by them when you get home. The Classic size is like an old Hollywood movie star, and deserves to be the centre of attention, in the centre of your dining room table would work. As for the showstopper, that’s the size to choose when you really want to impress, they’re the ideal centrepiece for a tablescape.

But wherever you place them, there’s a few things you should avoid…

Fruit bowls: We hate to break it to you but your life is not a Cezanne painting. And putting your flowers next to your fruit bowl is akin to placing your flowers beside their worst enemy. The fruit gives off ethylene gas that can speed up the wilting process.

Drafts: Is it cold in here? Your flowers certainly think so. The sudden movement of wind can damage their petals, as well as dehydrating them.

Radiators: Keeping your home cosy may require you cranking the heating up, but if you need to, move your flowers away from any heaters. The warm air will dehydrate them faster.

Direct sunlight: Petals are as delicate as our skin, only we can’t get a good SPF for our flower arrangement. So, watch out for placing your flowers in direct sunlight. If you must, move them into the shade every few hours.

Daffodils: They’re such a cheerful flower but they’ll actually drain the life from your other stems. That’s why daffodils are pretty much always sold separately, so don’t add them to another arrangement.

Small vases: A tiny vase is the equivalent of an overcrowded yoga class. Just unpleasant and your flowers need space to stretch out and grow.

What do flowers love?

Flowers show you that you’re loved, and there’s a few things you can do to reciprocate their adoration…

Warm water – placing your arrangement in warm water allows the molecules to be absorbed more easily than in cold water. Wim Hof may swear by plunging into freezing cold water but your flowers don’t. They’ll only go into shock and then refuse to open.

Cool rooms – We sleep better in cool rooms with warm beds, and flowers crave similar. A nice cool room will stop your flowers from wilting quickly.

A quick dip: Put your flowers in water straight away, just after you’ve trimmed their stems. This prevents air bubbles from forming in the stems, blocking them up.

The fridge: Florists keep their flowers in the fridge for a reason, as flowers thrive in cooler temperatures. If you want your flowers to last and last place them in the fridge overnight for eight hours and remove the next morning.


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