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How To Cut Your Stems

Your stems are sleepy. When they arrive to you, through your letterbox, they want to be as excited to see you as you are them. But it’s been 24 hours since they were plucked from the field, so they’re just feeling a little dry and lacklustre. They need a drink! But before you plunge them…

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How To Press Flowers

Imagine, ten years from now, opening up your journal and a peony comes fluttering out. It brings you back, to today, and how – each time you wander past them – your arrangement brings a smile to your face. There are some moments where you want your flowers to last forever. Part of the joy…

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How To Clean Your Vase

Picture the scene: your glorious new arrangement has landed, you’ve tenderly and carefully unwrapped the stems and you’re ready to display them in your most picturesque vase… Except it’s still mucky from your last set of stems. If you’re thinking ‘it’s just water, do I really need to clean my flower vase?’ then stop that…

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